SAB Tools Kit

First aid kit for your helicopter.

3D Flights Pre-caution!

Attention Goblin Owners!
We recently had a customer crash due to a boom strike, the crash was caused by insufficient preload of the dampers in the head and the main blades not being tightened on the blade grips! Please remember that for 3D flight, it is very important to insert the two extra shims (HC-232-S) on the head (this is stated in the manual).
These shims increase the damper preload therefore increasing head rigidity.
The heads of all newer kits will have been already assembled and preloaded with the two shims.
Please make sure your main blades are tight on the grips, you should be able to violently jerk the head in both directions and the blades should not fold.
Failure to tighten the blades properly and/or run incorrect dampening preload can result in a boom strike.
SAB Heli Division

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