SAB Tools Kit

First aid kit for your helicopter.

New features added to our website
We have added two new sections to our web site:
  • Register your Goblin
  • Updates for Goblin Owners
The register your Goblin section allows you to register your model with us, please take a moment to to do this as it will allow us to keep you informed about changes to your kit, such as upgrades, updates, retrofits and other important developments. Please note that SAB Heli Division will not be held responsible for issues arising with your model and will not provide support unless you register.                                                                               
The updates for goblin owners section is separated into three sub-sections; event information, important updates and tips and tricks. In the event info section, you'll find a list of events that we are attending in an official capacity with our entire factory and management team, in the important updates section, you'll find updates, retrofits or other important developments about your specific Goblin model, and in the tips and tricks section, you'll find videos with tips that will make your entire Goblin building and repairing experience much easier.
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