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SAB Release new products


Release 14, October 2015

The new kit uses 85% of parts from the old G500.
We have changed the design to follow strongly Goblin 380, replaced some parts to reduce weight, and 
improved weak points of the existing ones. These new features and the new lower price make this kit become 
very interesting for the market. Moreover, we have added two sets of main / tail blades in the KIT.

We want an entry-level version to satisfy the customers who is seeking combo version with 
good price/performance. Kits Combo will be available at the same time..

Here are the Combo Components: 
  • KST servos: 3x DS589MG + 1x DS525MG
  • Motor Quantum 4020-1200
  • ESC Hobby Wing Platinum 100A V3
Here the prices:
  • [SG507] Goblin Sport White (with 2 sets blades).
  • [SG508] Goblin Sport Yellow (with 2 sets blades).
MAP Price: 609 USD or 578 Euro 
  • [SG509] Goblin Sport COMBO White (with 2 sets blades).
  • [SG510] Goblin Sport COMBO Yellow (with 2 sets blades).
MAP Price: 875 USD or 832 Euro. 


Release 14, October 2015
[H0640-K] MAP Price: 228 USD or 212 Euro

We developed the solution 3 blades Rotor head for the G380.
The model acquires stability, agility and extreme smooth.

The kit includes:

  • Blades 3BL 360-3D
  • Tail blades Carbon BW 3070
  • Rotor head system
  • Swashplate 3 points
  • Tail pulley high speed
  • Blade holder 3 blades


Release 30, September 2015 

The standard Goblin Urukay is a mixing between a 3D model and F3C model. The project is optimized for Sport flight, for all pilots who are looking for a mixing of the two styles of flight.
For F3C competition, SAB decided to develop some changes that move the Urukay model to F3C use.
With new Urukay Competition, the key feature is new fuselage which is made into two parts with quick and easy connection, but with a flight line optimized for the maneuver of competitions. 
4 pilots reached the final in the 2015 World Championship  with Goblin Urukay Competition and Ennio Graber
took second overall place.

This the MAP Price from 1 August:
  • Standard Goblin Urukay: 1340 USD or 1237 Euro
  • Goblin Urukay Competition, 1640 USD or 1540 Euro  (p/n SG732)
THE KIT will be available in 3-blades version, only Red color.
The kit will have the new blades 3BL 725-2F, resulting from many working hours together Ennio Graber. 


GOBLIN 570 Kyle Stacy Edition
Release 30, September 2015 
[SG577] MAP Price: 855 USD or 808 Euro.

Following the success of of Goblin 700 KSE, we prepared a Goblin 570 KSE. 

These are main features:
  • G570 with canopy and Boom full carbon, Color yellow-black
  • CNC Maingear
  • Aluminum parts silver colors (this for not add new spare parts)
  • Tail Pulley 21T
  • Blades BL 540-3D Silver + Tail Blades BW5104 Silver
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