SAB Tools Kit

First aid kit for your helicopter.

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May, 9th Kraken release! Save the date!
Look out for our World Championship URUKAY, Available Week Commencing June 18th 
We wanted to let you know that as we are on Vactaion here there wil be no orders shipped until Wedne
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  The New Goblin 570 Sport  Release March 28th 
We are closed from the following dates for the Lunar New Year  Dates Closed  14th - 20th Februar
Coming Soon Black Nitro Sport 
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We are pleased to introduce the new Goblin Thunder Sport The Thunder Sport has been developed to pr
Loyalty Points Terms and Conditions The SAB Goblin Customer Loyalty Rewards Scheme has been created
Mini COMET Delay We are very sorry to announce that the mini Comet release date has been delayed.
FIREBALL Release 2 Week Delay We are very sorry to announce that the Fireball release has been dela
June the 14th is the COMET release day......Have you Orderd yours? Refined and exclusive...The CO
It's that time of year when events are really getting into full swing....Send us your SAB Goblin eve
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We are HAPPY to announce our new partnership with Bert & Suzi Kammerer in the USA! A HUGE USA wareh
Check out the new 2017 Brochure... Available now from our download section http://www.goblin-helic
Innovative, high performance, pocket size machine delivers pure SPEED and pure FUN the GOBLIN way.
For fun ,for training, for HARD 3D, it must be the Goblin Fireball.... Release Date June 28th SAB
SAB would like to announce that the worldwide Comet release has been re scheduled to June 14th. The
  We will close warehouse in Asia from 25-Jan to 5-Feb due to Lunar New Year. 
SAB would like to announce that we will release Urukay Carbon Competition Kit on 22-Nov-2016 This d
Dear customer Goblin 420 web page is now online at :
SAB Heli Division is very pleased to announce the new products will be soon hitting the market, the
SAB would like to introduce the new Goblin Black Thunder Kit is now available at:  SG652 - GOBLIN
SAB would like to introduce the new Goblin Black Nitro Kit is now available at:  SG651 - GOBLIN BL
We will close warehouse in Asia from 6-Feb to 13-Feb due to Lunar New Year.  All orders are pla
SAB currently offers Free Shipping cost for orders which are valued 150usd** or more from retail cus
SAB would like to introduce the new Goblin 380 KSE Kit and the HPS3 Conversion Kit for Goblin 380 ar
SAB would like to introduce the new Goblin 500 Sport Kits are now available at: SG507 - Gobin 500 S
  GOBLIN 500 SPORT Release 14, October 2015The new kit uses 85% of parts from the
Aluminum Tail Belt Guide is now available at : H0568-S - Aluminum Tail Belt Guide - Goblin 380 S
HPS3 System for Goblin 500/570 is now available at : H0489-K - New Precision Design HPS3 System - G
SAB would like to introduce the new Swash Leveler for the Goblin 380 is now available at: H0584-S -
SAB would like to introduce the new Wall Stand for your Goblin 380,available at : HM057 - Goblin 380
SAB would like to let you know that we will have new green color scheme for Goblin 380 FULL CARBON T
H0555-S - Carbon Fiber Landing Gear Set - Goblin 380     H0562-S - MAGNETIC QUICK RELEASE CAN
H0423-S CNC Delrin Main Gear For Goblin 500/570 Now Available at :
H0454-S.  F3C Landing Gear for URUKAY now available!
January 22, 2015 Goblin 380 world-wide launch !!
SAB Heli division brings the new HPS2, and HPS3 to the market with a different approach to how a tra
Goblin Urukay  The new full body concept from SAB Click here
Yellow Carbon KIT will be available in late August
Kyle Stacy is the winner of the One Competition Congratulations !!!
Here more details
Goblin Speed is now available! Are you ready?
Click here to download useful tips for the Goblin Competition Series
SAB Goblin 630/700 competition edition will be available in September.
We are proud to announce that we will be attending the second annually Goblin Helimeeting from 24 -
SAB is proud to be a Main Sponsor of the  2013 Heli Masters.
Please take a moment to register your Goblin helicopter as it will allow us to keep you informed ab
On this video, Bert shows you some useful tips and tricks for Goblin 500 helicopter
We are proud to announce that we will start selling Goblin 500 helicopters to the world on Feb 12th.
We have added two new sections to our web site: Register your Goblin Updates for Goblin Owners
Goblin 500 Manual Rev01 is now uploaded. You can download it here
Goblin 500 Spare Parts Uploaded. Check our here
General Specifications Electronic Specifications • Main rotor diameter:&
Goblin 770 Instruction Manual Rev 01 is now available. Click on the image below to download.
It has been brought to our attention that the bolts (part #HC062) include with some kits have a he
What is HPS? HPS stands for "High Precision System".  This head has been developed in order t
In this video, Bert Kammerer shows you some important tips for proper assembly.
This important document about the maintenance of Goblin Helicopter is downloadable in the following
Goblin 700 Manual Rev 2.0 is now available to download.
We are proud to introduce a new member of the SAB Family Pascal Richter. He is a talented pilot who
May 1, 2012 - San Mauro Pascoli - ITALY - Stefano Baiardi, founder of SAB HELI DIVISION extends wa
The new pulley H0101-S is Z37 which is 37T.We decided to increase the tail ratio a bit to improve ta
Manual V1.3 is now uploaded with correct main gear slanted pinion 20T. Click here to download.
Attention Goblin Owners!   We recently had a customer crash due to a boom strike, the crash
English and Italian instruction manuals are now available for download.  German version will be
Goblin 700 video Intruction manual will be loaded soon in a few weeks
We are very happy to finally resolve all patent conflicts with Compass Model and all production is n
 We are expecting some delay to the first batch of Goblin 700 to January 2012
Bert Kammerer will demo Goblin 700 at Orlando Blowout 2011!
 Welcome Bert Kammerer to Goblin team!!!