Use for Sab Goblin 380.

* General Information

- Name: Christos Manolis

- Age: 34

- Country: Greece

- Pilot type: 3D

 * Brief background of pilot

I am 34 years old. I have studied management and I live in Greece. I started flying 2 years ago. After 4 months I saw the goblins and loved them. Design and flying style are unique. So… I got my first goblin. Now, 2 years later, I realize that the goblin helped me in improving my skills faster. Goblin made me love flying and I loved goblin. After 2 years I am flying quite good and I am trying constantly to improve myself because I feel very confident when I fly this incredible machine.

- How long have you been flying RC helicopters:

  2 years

- How many competitions have you attended and how many have you won: 

I have not attended any competitions yet but I am looking forward to it in the near future.

- How did you become a SAB team member:

I think that SAB does a very serious work with goblins. It reads the feedback of pilots, it designs and it keeps improving all the time. The result is unbelievable and that’s why all love goblins. I also love goblins for the following reasons. When I flied Goblin I was impressed and wanted to help as much as I can. So I wanted to be part of the sab “family” team, I say that because I feel Sab like a family. After talking with some people of SAB and after checking my videos and my effort, they decided to include me in the official sab team.  I am very proud to be a member of this team.

- What do you think about Goblin helicopters:

 The design and the flying characteristics are unique. They have low cost damage in the crash due to their design and their quality materials. They protect the value parts of the heli and electrics when they crash. Also you can push them to the limits or you can fly smoothly, something that it is very important, so everyone can have them and fly them according to their specific style of flying. I had done so much research and I couldn’t find any other heli to compete them.

* Describe your helicopter setup :

Goblin 700 comp. red carbon

Motor scorpion 4525-520

Esc kosmik 160 hv


Tail servo bk7005hv

Cyclic servos bk7001hv

Scorpion backup guard as a buffer

Radio Futaba t8fg super 14 channel

Receiver futaba s-bus

 Goblin 380 yellow

Motor xnova

Cyclic kst 315mg

Tail mks hv9780 


ESC Kontronik Koby 90lv

Receiver futaba s-bus

 * Some of your favorite pictures and videos of your flying

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