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General Information

- Name:  Santino Nemi

- Age: 42

- Country: Canada

- Pilot Type: 3D

 * Brief background of pilot

I have been fascinated with radio control models since childhood.  I entered the RC car racing hobby as a young teenager and quickly became addicted to all the gadgets, tools and electronics available.  I spent a number of years away from the hobby to focus on my education and after completing my mechanical engineering degree, I returned with even more enthusiasm and began racing Nitro and Carpet touring car and 1/12 scale pan car.

- How long have you been flying RC Helicopters

I switched hobbies to RC helis in 2010 to take on a new challenge.

- How did you become an SAB team member:

I followed the development of the Goblin helicopter from the very first rumours and test videos before its first batch release.  I got one the first machines into North America and knew right away I found the model I would be happy with.  I helped support and develop the Canadian market and flight team for SAB through the distributor, Rotorquest, since 2012.  I had an idea to make a special wall hanger to display my Goblin and was very happy when SAB gave their permission to use the Goblin logo on it for the other people all over the world who wanted one as well.

- What do you think about Goblin helicopters:

The design and engineering of the Goblin caught my attention as soon as I saw it.  The innovative gearing and boom design set it apart from anything else in the marketplace.  The thought put into simplicity of maintenance and durability allow these machines to take extreme abuse from the modern power systems and just keep flying.  The people behind the SAB brand complete the picture with great service and support for the customers when it’s needed.

* Describe your helicopter setup:

I’ve used almost every brand of equipment in over a dozen Goblin machines and settled on

BK Servos

YGE and Kontronik ESC’s

XNova Motors

Vbar with Vcontrol

Some of your favorite pictures and videos of your flying

Snemi1.jpg (1000×600)

snemi2.jpg (1000×600)

snemi3.jpg (1000×600)

snemi4.jpg (1000×600)

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