SAB Tools Kit

First aid kit for your helicopter.

*General Information

Name : Minchan Kim
Country : Korea
Pilot type : 3D/F3N

*Background Information

- How long have you been flying RC helicopters:
How many competitions have you attended and how many have you won: 


3rd 3Dx 2015 International class

How did you become a SAB team member:

After first fly I like it so much. and Chris who is distributor of Asia give me a chance to join SAB Team.

What do you think about Goblin helicopters:

Englis is not my language So I can't say it perfectly. Design is gorgoeus and sound is unique and beautiful.

When It is in the sky really agressive and fast. I like it flying style.

Describe your helicopter setup

V-bar full size
BK servos
Xnova motor 4530-525
HW160A V4

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