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*General Information:
Name: Daniela Frank or better known as "Dani-Heli
Age: 24
Country: Germany
Pilots Type: 3D freestyle, low RPM
*Brief background of pilot:

How long have you been flying RC helicopters

I fly now since 6 years, 3 of them with Goblin helicopters!  I started with Helicopters. The people like my "round" flying style, I often combined 3D figures with long range figures and lower RPM. 

How many competitions have you attended and how many have you won:

I'm not the competition type, but if I had a chance (and also time for enough training) I would like to fly a F3C competition...

How did you become a SAB team member:

It was hard work for me to get into the team. Since years I want it so much because I really like the helicopters. Not only optical, especially of their mechanics. I'm not the normal girl in all the way... I like what I did and I build and fly all by my own. There was no father or Boyfriend who get me a heli and say: let's fly it! ;-) I also has a well known Blog ( also a Facebook page) here in Germany where I tell everyone about the meetings I've visited and also show build videos and upload much photos from meetings and Heli adventures :-) (I'm a photographer) 

After Kim started "Goblin Girl" I saw a chance to get into a team as a normal flying girl. So I decided to work hard for my dream to get into this fabulous team!

What do you think about Goblin helicopters:

Im not lying but I love all machines goblin took into the market. After I first saw one I know that I want one. I like the Mechanics very much. I like the belt system as well as the mono boom design. I'm fascinated by the design. I can tell you more details that I like, feel free to contact me for any question!

Describe your helicopter setup

Only the best and only products I really like. I'm not the pilot who fly things that  are "for free". I search for the best product every time . 

For my rc I use only Hitec/Multiplex products, I fly with the Aurora 9X which fits well for my hands. I fly mode 2. Servos are also from Hitec/Multiplex. I use since years a Vbar for stabilization. The gears and shafts are lubricate with Dry Fluid.
As motor and ESC I use modified Motors by KDE from Copper Doc, they gave needed power in Low RPM setups and stay cool if I fly with higher RPM.  As ESC I use YGE products. 

I still search for long lasting Lipo batteries. With enough power, if I need it. 

* Some of your favourite picture and video of your flying:

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