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First aid kit for your helicopter.

General Information

Name: Juho Heikkilä

Age: 21

Country: Finland

Pilot type: F3C

Brief background of pilot

How long have you been flying RC helicopters:

I’ve been flying RC helicopters since 2007

How many competitions have you attended and how many have you won:

I started F3C comptetition flying in 2008 and I’ve attended European Championships in 2010 and 2012. In World Championships I have been 2011, 2013 and 2015. I have won Finlands national champs twice, last time was 2015. My best achievements are 3rd place Junior WC 2011 in Italy, 2nd place at Scandinavian championships 2015 and 31rd place at WC 2015 in Austria.

How did you become a SAB team member:

In spring 2015 started its business and selling Goblins. The guy behind it was interested about my flying and F3C. At WC 2015 I had the honor to have a chat with SAB owners and pilots. It was crystal clear, I want to be a part of the team. After that, everything just ”clicked”, and here we go!

What do you think about Goblin helicopters:

Goblin helicopters have unique desing which is just amazing. All the engineering skills and innovations meet and the perfect combination is here. For me, the Urukay Competition is what brings F3C competition flying to the next level with its way of flying and awesome look!

Describe your helicopter setup

X-Nova motor, Kontronik Kosmik, Bavarian Demon 3X, BK-servos and Futaba 14SG

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