Use for Sab Goblin 380.

General Information 

Name: Imran Rahim

Age: 38 years old 

Country: Pakistan

Pilot type: 3D freestyle

- How long have you Been Flying RC helicopter
I have been Building/flying RC Helicopter since 2010
Member of Miniature Aircraft Association Lahore Pakistan (MAAL) (the official club for all RC members in Pakistan)

- How many competitions have you attended and how many have you won?

Participated in Youth Festival in 2012 1st Position , Maal Club Competition 2012 sports flying 1st Position
Youth Festival 2014 1st Position , Panther Tyre 2017 3d Flying 2nd Position

- How did u become a SAB Member?
After my last competition of Panther Tyre my flight was advertised on media i sent that video to the Goblin head and
they gave me an opportunity to become a Sab team pilot.

- What do you think about Goblin Helicopters?
After trying different models of RC helicopter i recognized that Sab Helicopter over come usage of all other
helis due to their easy maintenance ,easy build up and stable flight

Helicopter setup

Goblin black thunder ,Goblin black thunder T

Motor: Xnovamotors

ESC: Castle Creation 160a / Hobbywing 160a

Cyclic Servo: BK 7002

Tail Servo :MKS 980

Radio: Vbar Control

Flybarless System: Vbar Silver line / Vbar Neo

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