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* General Information

- Name: Ron Efrat

- Age: 18

- Country: Israel

- Pilot type: 3D

* Brief background of pilot

I have been flying RC planes since I was 10 years old
and when I was 12 I started flying helicopters.
The Goblin helicopter attached my attention from the day it came out and I immediately knew that this is my next helicopter.
After flying Goblin’s for few years I think that this helicopter fly the best, requires very low maintenance and very easy to fix when need.

* Describe your helicopter setup

I use Scorpion motors on my Goblins with YGE ESC’s, TORQ HV servos, Skookum Flybarless unit and Pulse batteries.

* Some of your favorite pictures and videos of your flying



Video of me flying the goblin 380:

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