Use for Sab Goblin 380.

* General Information

- Name:  Charles AUBERT

- Age:  17

- Country:  France

- Pilot type:  3D

* Brief background of pilot

- How long have you been flying RC helicopters:

I'm flying RC Helicopter since 2009

- How many competitions have you attended and how many have you won:

I did my first local competition in 2009, I finished 2nd. Since, I've attended many 3D Cup edition, I won the 3D Cup 2011 in expert class, and in 2014 I finished 3rd at 3D Cup Helimasters France. I've attended Helimasters 2013 and 2014 too. In addition to this I went to many events like AHS, Okosha Smackdown, Goblin Days or JRT funfly.

- How did you become a SAB team member:

I became a SAB team pilot in 2014, I was looking for a good helicopter for competitions, so I took this opportunity without hesitations and today I'm proud to be part of the team.

- What do you think about Goblin helicopters:

Goblin helicopters are the best helicopter I have ever owned, the feeling in flight is awesome, especially with high speed maneuvers. Secondly, that's a very reliable machine, you can do many 3D flights without problems and I find that the design and the sound is simply fantastic. Moreover SAB team is always working to make their products better and better.

* Describe your helicopter setup

My most familiar helicopter is the Goblin 700 Competition, my setup is :

-Scorpion 4525-520Kv

-Scorpion Commander 160A

-OMG H4 series

-BeastX PLUS

-Optipower 5300 mAh 50C

-Spektrum DX9 radio

* Some of your favorite pictures and videos of your flying

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