SAB Tools Kit

First aid kit for your helicopter.

* General Information

- Name: Sebastiano Gabutti                       

- Age: 22

- Country: Italy

- Pilot type: 3D/F3N

* Brief background of pilot

- How long have you been flying RC helicopters:

I started flying airplane when I was five and helicopter when I was seven by going to the flying field with my father and always liked everything that fly in general.

- How many competitions have you attended and how many have you won:

2014 Heli Masters Venlo

2013 Heli Masters Venlo

2013 3D Cup France (4th Place)

2012 3D Masters Venlo Master Class (8th Place)

2012 Zone Format

2011 3D masters Venlo Master Class (15th Place)

2010 & 2011 German Heli Masters (4th Place)

2010 & 2011 Heli Master Carinthia (2nd Place)

2010 & 2011 F3N Italian Champion

2010 3DX italy Champion

2010 3D Masters Expert Class (9th Place)

2009 3D master Expert Class (10th Place)

2008 3DX Italy South (3rd Place)

2008 3DX Italy North (3rd Place)

- How did you become a SAB team member:

I joined SAB Team in April of 2014, since I know Stefano and Enrico since a long time. After building up the first kit I felt immediatly connected with it and liked a lot.

- What do you think about Goblin helicopters:

The Goblin is the most innovative helicopter I’ve flown and fit perfectly with my flying style. It’s very easy to build and maintain but at the same time is very strong and reliable, that guarentee the possibility to make long training session without any  sort of problems. Then just looks very good in the air!

Describe your helicopter setup

All my goblins are equipped with Kontronik Motors and ESC, BK Servos for cyclic and Tail, VBar Flybarless System and V-Control Radio.

* Some of your favorite pictures and videos of your flying

SAB at RL.JPG (1000×600)

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